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Rose of Pain
The monthly NC-17 j-rock challenge
1st-Jan-2009 05:29 pm
Okay, hi there! So...we are at about 50 members now *applause* and I think this community really needs a good layout and other misc. things. That's why I'm initiating this contest! Rules and things under the cut!

What we need:
1. Layout
2. Banner
3. Icon
4. Profile Layout

1. Must be jrock, can include any band and however many bands you want
2. Layout must be easy to read as most people post their stories on here. So now lime-green and yellow layout please
3. Everything needs to include the communities name
4. Icon size is, of course, 100x100
5. Banner size is 500 pixel length or width
6. Layout needs to include sidebar for easy navigation

How to enter:
1. Post to the community saying, in the subject line, "For Layout Contest" or something along those lines.
2. For layouts and profile layouts please use text-boxes instead of download
3. Include steps to installation
4. You may enter something for each item we need and you can either put it in one post or multiple ones, it doesn't matter
5. This is for this community only. I'm sorry, but I like to be unique. ^_^
6. Reply to this entry saying you'll enter and what you'll enter

February 28 - Everything is due *yes you have two months*
March 7 - Winners will be announced
March 14 - Prizes are given out

What? Using your graphics isn't enough? Fine...
First Place - Your stuff is used and you get 2 things from me and banner
Second Place - You have the alternate stuff and get one thing from me and banner
Third Place - You get a congratulatory banner and are the alternate's alternate

What the winners have to pick from:
1. A story *oneshot only*, of any pairing, any rating (it doesn't even have to be smut if you don't want it to be), and any prompt.
2. A drawing of someone's face. (In pencil)
3. Icons of any person with any words.
So for those of you in first and second, you get to choose from these.

I also need someone to make the congratulatory banners please. I can, but they suck...so, help please?
5th-Jan-2009 01:00 am (UTC)
Hay! I'll enter. I'll try and make a banner... You gave just the width, so it can basically be any height as long as it looks good? And is there any preferance as to whether or not I include the 'jrock ng-17 challenges' words in it?
5th-Jan-2009 08:24 pm (UTC)

Yep, any height is perfectly acceptable *as long as it's not gimoungous, obviously*

Well...it might be nice if you add the comm name, but it's doesn't matter too much if you don't. ^_^
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