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Rose of Pain
The monthly NC-17 j-rock challenge
Recent Entries 
22nd-Mar-2009 11:06 am - Voting on the new layout!

Okay there, so our lovely xstreetofalice and nokoriga made layouts for this community and I have to ask you guys which one you like better for us.

I will use them both! I'm gonna split it six months each, and the winner in the voting gets the first six months. ^__^

So, here are our entries:

Number One
Number Two

Okay, so please reply in a comment which one you vote for. This way I can be sure that everyone only votes once.

Voting ends April 1!
28th-Feb-2009 02:12 pm - [mod]
Okay...I give up, seriously. Nobody posted and nobody entered the contest. How can I make this better? Honestly, I am completely open to any and all suggestions that you have.

Would it help if I made it a contest community instead of a challenge community?

Poll #1357277 How can I make this community better?


Contests instead of challenges
Recruit more members
More time
Less time
Better prompts
Picture prompts instead of text
other (specify please)

Do you even care?

If something interesting happened, maybe.

Poll #1357278 How can I make this community better?

Make contests instead of challenges
Better Prompts
Picture prompts instead
More prompts/options
More Time
Less time
Recruit more members
Other (please specify)
Okay, please vote everyone, I beg you. You don't even have to comment on anything if you just vote in the damn poll. Unless you pick other, and then i'd really like to know. I'm open for all suggestions people! PLEASE!

Please answer the first one, not the second...an oopsie on my part.

EDIT: In case you were curious, no there will not be a challenge for March. I'm going to take this month to reconfigure everything and whatnot. If any of you would like to help me, please tell me so, I can use all the help I can get.
1st-Feb-2009 05:57 pm - Fifth Challenge

Yo there peoples! Wazzup? So...we had one person participate last time....hmm...better than the first one, but out of sixty members?! Not saying it wasn't lovely, because it was very much so. Thank you, darling!

Now...I'm gonna advertise us like a madwoman again (as I do every month) and I'm really hoping more people join and participate! *puppy eyes*

Prompt: Chocolate (in honor of Valentine's day -_-)

Okay, so please, have fun with that one and again: p-a-r-t-i-c-i-p-a-t-e!!!!!! Pwease? And possibly tell your friends?

Due March 1st as always. Plus you guys have until the end of the month to get in contest entries (if anybody even wants to)

Have fun peoples and Happy Valentine's Day! *grumbles about the stupid holiday*
1st-Jan-2009 05:29 pm - STARTING THE YEAR WITH A CONTEST
Okay, hi there! So...we are at about 50 members now *applause* and I think this community really needs a good layout and other misc. things. That's why I'm initiating this contest! Rules and things under the cut!

Under this evil cut of doom~Collapse )

Happy New Year everyone! I hope this year is wonderful for all of you and you guys are safe and that the new year brings you many great things. *bow*

So, thank you everyone who participated in the last challenge and of course thanks for previous challenges as well. Domo arigato!

Prompt: Beginnings

Generic? Yes. Cute? Possibly. So, with this prompt, I hope you guys get inspired to write or draw something inspired by this. Like always, you are free to interpret this at will.

So, off you go now. You may be wondering why this picture? I dunno, it's just hot!

Anyways...deadline is Feb. 1!
Title: Kiss me Goodbye
Band: Gazette
Pairing: ReitaxRuki
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Sex, MxM, oral, anal, fingering, character death, suicide, angst, WAFF
Disclaimer: In the closet Not mine!
Summary: Ruki hates this time of year, it brings too many painful memories and this year, he will break free.
Beta: none, because I had to get this in ASAP
Word Count: 3367
Comments: For [info]roseofpain_nc17, [info]whispering_beat, and [info]jrocknc17 - all Christmas challenges and contests. Also for [info]15memories prompt: Last Goodbye. Italics are flashbacks. Gomen for it being so depressing! Hope you enjoy it though! Comments = ♥!

Yo Yo Yo, Ho Ho Ho
1st-Dec-2008 01:26 pm - Third Challenge
Hey there, everyone! So, we actually got some stories last time! *is excited* As you know, I read and comment every story because that's the nice thing to do and I love comments myself, so I'm sure you all do as well. So, here we go! The last prompt of the year! woo-hoo!

Prompt: Leather (or, as an alternate prompt: Christmas!)

Have fun guys! As you know, due January 1st!

And everyone, please tell people about this community! We need more peoples!
1st-Nov-2008 09:03 pm - Second Challenge

Hm....nobody did anything for last month's...and there was a whole month?!!! Maybe there aren't enough members yet or something, but oh well I suppose, what can you do...Maybe this time??? *HINT HINT*

Prompt: Wet

Okay, so have fun with it. AND PARTICIPATE PLEASE! I'm quite dissappointed in the last challenge. Okay, GO!!!!!!

Deadline: CLOSED

EDIT: Yeah, the prompt changed. ^_^ I didn't like the previous one so I changed it to what it is now. Got a problem with that? *gives mean mod glare* I didn't think so!
28th-Sep-2008 02:51 pm - Welcome! ~*FIRST CHALLNGE*~

Hi there! I'm so glad you've decided to join us! I'm the maintainer of this here community, so ask me if you have any questions or anything.  So I just wanted to say hey! And my name is Sarah just so you know. ^__^ Anyway, on to the challenge!


~*CHALLENGE ONE (and yes I know it's not quite the first yet, who cares? First challenge, early start):*~


Alrighty, then, you have one month to write an NC-17 rated fic surrounding the prompt "blood." Ooh, fun! *cough* And no, by the way, not all prompts will be kinky. XD Just the first one. haha.

Drabbles are cool, as long as more wordy one-shots and if you want to work on a multi-chapter, go ahead! Who am I to stop you? But sheesh, you have a month! So I don't expect too many drabbles or I'ma gonna get testy. *mean look* ^_^

Alright: GO!!!

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