Rose of Pain

The monthly NC-17 j-rock challenge

Rose of Pain - The monthly NC-17 j-rock challenge
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a smutty challenge and contest community
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Created by i_love_hide

Welcome to Rose of Pain! We are a community that deals with jrock fanfiction. Don't know what jrock and/or fanfiction is? I probably wouldn't join if I were you. This is also a challenge/contest community and NC-17 community. Meaning every story here is pure smut in relation to jrock and some sort of challenge/contest. Sound interesting? Then join! We don't bite...unless you want us to. ^_^

001. No hating. Always a rule, we can't help it, it just is, okay? You're mean, you go. Plain and simple. Constructive criticism is peachy, bashing is not.

002. All stories must be NC-17, I know, I'm just a pervert, but that's that.

002. Only fanfiction and fanart is allowed. No random posts about buying the new single. Fanstuffs only! Also, community ads are fine and dandy with me, so go right ahead and pimp it.

003. In the subject line, use this format: [Fanart/Fanfiction] Title, Oneshot/Chapter, NamexName, Rating Follow this please, it makes life easier.

004. When posting something, use this format:
Rating: (yes, NC-17 duh, but still)
Word Count/Time put in (if art):

005. Put everything under an lj-cut! Don't rape the friend's pages, please.

006. Tag everything! It makes it easier, okay? And since most people don't know memories (for some reason or another), tags are easier. But use the drop list please! BY BAND AND MONTH WITH YEAR!

007. This challenge is monthly so, I give a prompt on the first of every month and you have the remainder of that month to submit your fics. The end of the month is the end of the challenge or contest, keep that in mind, please. So you wrote a fic on the 31st of December, you post it at 2:00 AM...sorry, deleted. It wasn't in that month. I apologize.

008. You may post multiple stories for the same prompt if you want, but you have to choose one and one only for a contest.

009. The story may be posted any time within the month.

010. As pointed out, any type of fic is allowed. Slash, femmeslash, and het are all shiny with me. Whatever tickles your pickle.

011. Have fun!

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